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Commune Structure - Santok


The Santok commune is a rural commune. It is located in the Gorzów county, Lubuskie Province. This agricultural commune covers an area of 169.4 sq km. The commune comprises 11 villages: Baranowice, Czechów, Gralewo, Górki, Janczewo, Jastrzębik, Lipki Małe, Lipki Wielkie, Ludzisławice, Mąkoszyce, Nowe Polichno, Płomykowo, Santok, Stare Polichno, and Wawrów. Located in the middle of the commune, Santok is the seat of the commune although it is not the largest settlement in terms of the number of inhabitants.

Map of the Santok Commune

The total population of the Santok Commune is 8,237 inhabitants, including 49.8% women and 50.2% men. In 2002-2016, the number of inhabitants increased by 12.4%. The average age of inhabitants is 38.

Population as of 31 Dec 2015.








Source: own elaboration based on www.bdl.stat.gov.pl


The working-age population of the Santok Commune (i.e. men aged 18 to 64 and women aged 18 to 59) constitutes 65.6% of its total population, the pre-working age population constitutes 19.8%, and the post-working age population constitutes 14.6% of its total population (according to data of the Central Statistical Office of Poland as of 31 December 2015). This means that there are 5,404 working-age people. People of this age are the backbone of the economy, as they generate income and contribute to the development and proper functioning of the region. In the Santok Commune, 137 people out of 1000 inhabitants are in employment. 45.9% of all people in work are female and 54.1% are male.


There are 289 unemployed persons, with the total registered unemployment in 2015 of 9.9% (12.4% of women and 7.8% of men).